Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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Fleet Safety, Driver Safety and Road Safety Consultancy


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At ADA, we have a team leader with over 36 years of in-depth, broad-ranging traffic safety and driver training expertise on two continents [résumé here].  In addition, we work only with the world's most-developed, most-proven and most long-standing method of driver training – one which has been continuously developed and refined since 1935 and which has a uniquely-high level of national government mandate.


It is from this totally unmatched combination of background, skill-set and knowledge that we bring you the ADA consultancy services.




Key Benefits

Fleet Safety Management Consultancy, plus Audits

Driver Training and Education Standards

Eco Driving

Safe Driving or Eco Driving Demonstrations

Police Driver Training and Education Standards

Road Safety

Road Use


Key Benefits

  • Protect the lives and the health of your population, your personnel or your clients (whichever is appropriate) through maximized safety;
  • Protect your financial interests by significantly cutting the collectively hige and complex costs of road incidents and crashes;
  • Build compliance with any relevant legislation, and thereby avoid legal repercussions or litigation for failure to act;
  • Build good public relations by being seen to help protect the members of your business and local communities;
  • Reduce your insurance costs through success with the measures listed above;
  • Reduce the costs of simply running your vehicles. Good eco driving, for example, can typically cut a combined fuel and maintenance bill by around 10-15 percent.

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Fleet Safety Management (and Audits)
On your behalf, we can introduce your own stakeholders (fleet, HR, finance directors, senior managers, line managers and supervisors) to the basic concepts of proactive occupational road risk management and strengthen their understanding of the importance and benefits of safe driving practices and the implications of failing to achieve the best results.

Following (or independent of) a fleet safety management seminar, we can then lead your people through a Fleet Safety Audit, in order to create a knowledge baseline from which to move forward.

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Driver Training and Education Standards
In some countries it is a sad fact that the standard of the information given to drivers falls a long way short of acceptable, and this is compounded by the myths and misconceptions that drivers themselves create.  Similarly, the content of all driver training courses – from people just learning to drive, right through to defensive or advanced driver training for experienced drivers, up to specialized training for people such as law enforcement officers – needs to be top quality and preferably in line with global best practice.  Whether you are planning to upgrade the standards at just – say – a private school, or for an entire country, Advanced Drivers of America can advise you on the best international standards and help you with the training of your own in-house teachers and instructors.

ADA Driver Training Course Grades            Corporate Driver Training Courses       Advanced Driving Courses for Individuals

Eco Driving (for maximum cost-saving and minimum environmental impact)
Eco driving is immensely worthwhile, both for economic and environmental reasons.  Put simply, it can save your corporation approximately 10-15 percent on your combined fuel and vehicle-maintenance bill.  But there is an important, overriding factor to be considered – one which we have never yet seen anyone else even mention – and that is the fact that on some occasions the use of eco driving will actually reduce safety.
The upshot of ADA consultancy services and training is that we can get you the benefits of eco driving without letting you unwittingly stray into any dangerous conflicts of driving interest!

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Safe or Eco Driving Demonstrations
Some driver training organizations work only in the psychological assessment and attitudinal aspects of this complex discipline.  As a result of this, we were recently hired by Interactive Driving Systems [IDS] as consultants, and drove one of their vehicles while giving running commentary and being filmed by a professional crew, for the making of an IDS video for their own clients, on the importance of good driving standards.


ADA will provide expert drivers to work with corporations that are making driver safety videos for their own personnel, or similar ventures.

Police Driver Training and Education Standards
"It serves no good purpose for a police officer to be driving fast to get to a bad incident but, through inappropriate driving, to crash and cause a second bad incident. This can potentially triple the number of police officers that are now needed and will commonly double the required number of  fire crews and ambulances – some to each of the incidents.  And all of this is before we even start to consider the possibility that inappropriate driving by the police officers concerned may have hurt or killed innocent people."


Not only do law enforcement officers need extensive training to facilitate high speed driving while maintaining excellent levels of safety, but they also need appropriate attitudinal training to make this approach work.  Teaching officers just a set of driving skills is akin to teaching a dog some tricks.  After learning the tricks, dogs will only perform them correctly when given an incentive.  In human drivers – especially those who can be subjected to the "red mist" which law enforcement officers do suffer during emergency driving – a carefully-molded, good attitude is crucial to safety.

Road Safety
For the last 2-3 decades, there has been much talk about the need for road safety issues to be addressed with a multi-disciplinary approach and, at its fundamental level, this is often described as the "Three E's".  These are:
  • Education

  • Engineering
  • Enforcement

At ADA, we have expert knowledge on the education and enforcement aspects, and we are also very knowledgeable about specific aspects of vehicle and road engineering.

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Road Use
A classic example of bad road use occurs when, for example, roundabouts are introduced to an area, a state or a country where they have not previously been used.  It is important that an appropriate publicity campaign is employed to advise drivers how to use the new facility but it is even more important that the advice given must be accurate, which it commonly is not.  ADA can help you with the correct, most-proven techniques and, where available, information on global best practice.  In addition, ADA can also provide demonstrations and/or work with local law enforcement departments to facilitate appropriate understanding and enforcement.

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