Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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Press Release February 1, 2011


'Global Best Standard' Advanced Driving Courses Throughout the USA  


In America, anyone can call themselves an advanced driving instructor or a defensive driving instructor and set up in business, but that doesn't mean they are in any way conversant with the latest research or with global best practices.  And the sad fact is that the vast majority of such "instructors" are teaching driving skills and techniques which have either been proven to be ineffective or even downright dangerous!  Uniquely, Advanced Drivers of America [ADA] guarantees to teach you only the most proven and safest methods and information, and is now running courses for the public throughout America.... Read more here.



Press Release February 1, 2011


Recognition for the Head of Advanced Drivers of America


Eddie Wren, president and chief instructor at Advanced Drivers of America [ADA] says he is "deeply gratified" to accept an invitation to chair a specialized committee within the International Road Federation [IRF] Road Safety Working Group, Washington, D.C.

Read the full press release here.



Press Release January 20, 2011


The World's Best Safe Driving Courses Are Coming to California


Don't become one of the 33,000 people killed or over two million people injured on America's roads each year. Global best-standard "defensive driving" and "advanced driving" courses are coming to the Malibu/Hollywood area at the end of February. Read more here.


[For a list of other states and cities in which ADA will be providing these global-best-standard courses, click here.]


January 2011:  Advanced Drivers of America is in the process of redesigning and updating its website.  In the meanwhile we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.



The Dangers of Traveling by Road in Other Countries


Worldwide, an estimated 25,000 people are killed in road accidents each year while they are either working or on vacation, abroad, and this number is rising fast.  An obvious question, therefore, is how can you help to protect yourself or your loved ones in such a situation. 


On October 21, 2010, USA Today ran an article on this topic, based on a report published by Make Roads Safe, last month.


In his "young, free and single" years, ADA's president Eddie Wren backpacked through Africa and also traveled widely in India so he has combined that experience with his driver safety expertise to create advice for anyone who drives (or is driven) while overseas.  Click here to read it.




When the Only Goal is Safety


Archived from May, 2006


Police driving methodologies from both sides of the Atlantic met up when ADA president, Eddie Wren (left) -- a former UK traffic patrol police officer -- spent time with Captain Travis Yates, head of driver training for Tulsa Police, OK, founder of the policedriving.com website, and ADA's first-ever Honorary Fellow (in recognition of his outstanding work to enhance safety in all areas of law enforcement driving).




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