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17 October 2010

Bicycles and Traffic Safety in Japan


....[In] in 2009 there were 156,373 incidents in Japan involving bicycles, or 21.2 percent of all traffic accidents. More than 80 percent of those bicycle-related accidents involved cars, but 2,934 were with pedestrians, up from 801 ten years earlier.


Read the full editorial here from the Japan Times


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13 October 2010

European Road Safety Day




The objective of the third European Road Safety Day, organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Transport, is to raise the profile of all activities which aim to save lives on European roads.


To mark this occasion, events have been organised over two days in the European Parliament.


Firstly, the European Commission is hosting a conference on the 13 October entitled: 'On the Move for Safer Roads in Europe.' The conference will be opened by EU Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas, followed by a debate on 'Political Orientations for Road Safety 2011-13'. There will then be three panels devoted to different aspects of 'Road Safety Tomorrow', focusing particularly on the following issues:

  • Dealing with injured road users/pedestrians

  • Challenges for road users (elderly people, cyclists, motorcyclists, driving under the influence of alcohol and medicine)

  • Safer infrastructure

Photo courtesy of Europa

On the 14 October, the Belgian Presidency is hosting a seminar looking at how to achieve better collaboration between police and courts in different EU countries to combat road traffic offences. This seminar is entitled, 'Cross border data exchange to improve road safety'.


To complement these events, a European Road Safety Village will be set up on the esplanade of the European Parliament, featuring information stands and demonstrations for the general public.


More information about each of these events is available at:



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13 October 2010


UK Police Skoda - Photo copyright (c) 2003 - Eddie Wren

UK tops the EU Road Safety League


With 2009 fatality figures showing the UK to be the safest country in Europe, the Institute of Advanced Motorists is encouraging the whole of the continent to sustain the efforts made so far, in celebration of the 3rd European Road Safety Day.


Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research said:

"On European Road Safety Day it is lovely to be sitting in the position we're in. However, the main objective now is to keep up the progress we have already made, and continue this strong trend in the reduction of road deaths.


"We fully support the European Commission's Road Safety Action Plan, and are excited by the challenge of helping to  halve road deaths in the by EU by 2020. We especially applaud the target to promote continuous post-licence training for non-professional drivers, something we started, and have championed in the UK for over 50 years."....


Read the full article, from Fleet News, at: http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/2010/10/13/uk-tops-the-eu-road-safety-league/37943/ 


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12 October 2010



Reducing Deaths on Rural Roads

A priority for the next “Decade of Action”


Rural roads contribute 55% of all road deaths across the European Union [EU] yet ten countries have achieved average annual reductions of more than six percent since the year 2001, and Luxembourg, Portugal and France have achieved average annual reductions of more than 9 percent.


....Measures to improve the safety on that part of the network are known. They include safe road design, safe infrastructure management, and better enforcement of traffic rules, in particular of speed limits.


Read the full ETSC 'PIN' Report here.

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