Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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Exciting News and a Rare Opportunity for Californians

Best-Standard Defensive Driving & "Bronze" Advanced Driving Courses

Thousand Oaks, CA;  February 26 - March 4, 2011


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Since 1935, the equivalent of the highway patrol police in Britain have been continually developing and refining the world's most proven system of safe driving.  It is known as the "System of Car Control" and it quite simply has no equal in terms of maximum safety.  In 1955, "The System" was made available for regular, civilian drivers, since which time it has been in constant use by the world's two largest membership organizations for advanced drivers, the IAM1 and RoSPA-ADAR [RoADAR]2


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Since 2005, this unbeatable approach to protecting yourself and your family has been taught in North America, but only by Advanced Drivers of America [ADA].  Prior to 2011 it has been available in the US only for corporate personnel, but now it is available for you!


As part of our own growth and development at ADA, we are now expanding our services so that we can visit many states and cities around the USA, specifically to work with any individuals who not only want greater safety but also want to inject enjoyment back into their driving.  However, the capacity of each course is only three people so you will need to act fast to secure a place.  We cannot guarantee that we will ever go back to the same city or training location twice!


One of our instructors will be coming to Thousand Oaks (just north of Los Angeles) to run two 2-day Defensive Driving courses one starting on Saturday, February 26, 2011, and a second starting on Thursday, March 3 as well as a 3-day "Bronze" Advanced Driving course starting on Monday, February 28.  (See course descriptions in the "Further Reading" section, above.) If you cannot attend on this occasion but you would like to attend a course in this city on different dates, please do let us know and we will look for an opportunity to include you in a future event.


These courses are now sold out!




1    IAM:  The Institute of Advanced Motorists

2    RoADAR:  The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents' Advanced Drivers & Riders Association



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