Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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Clearly, the crucial question in this equation is:  What can Advanced Drivers of America [ADA] give you that other suppliers cannot?


There are several, powerful answers to this, as follows:

  • For corporate clients:

    • ADA can help you create or update a fleet safety plan (or we can do the entire job for you);

    • Our experts can brief your management team with vital background information on all aspects of fleet safety;

    • We will help you identify your personnel who are most likely to have crashes, so that efforts may be concentrated on those individuals;

    • We travel to you, however many and wherever your facilities are located (but, if you prefer, you can come to us);

  • The background and experience of our president & chief instructor in the fields of traffic safety and driver training are almost certainly unmatched in North America, and are a major influence on our methodology.  View Eddie Wren's extensive and unique driver safety résumé here and compare it to any of our competitors!

Training for rural roads - the most dangerous roads in the USA & Canada!

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  • Our training methods are based firmly on "The System of Car Control" which is not only the world's most in-depth driver training program but it is also the most proven for safety and the most respected.  It has been continually refined and developed over an unprecedented 75-year period by the traffic patrol police in Britain but has been used for teaching advanced driving to civilian drivers and fleet drivers for a "mere" 55 of those 75 years, since 1955.  The unbeatable quality of this methodology has now been fully adapted for North America and ADA is the sole supplier of such, throughout the continent;

  • Crucially, we spend significant time on the topic of "attitude" in safe driving.  Over the last 20-25 years, this has emerged as the most important factor in driver safety – far, far more important than so-called "driving skills" – and we believe that ADA dramatically leads the field in teaching appropriate aspects of this vital subject!

  • As a result, ADA will not teach methods that are, at best, dubious and at worst are actually proven to cause more crashes than they prevent (i.e. swerving "evasion" techniques and skid training, respectively).  We operate on the well-proven and undeniable principle that it is far safer to learn properly to identify potentially dangerous situations in advance, and thereby avoid them, than it is to allow yourself to get into a bad situation then try to escape from it again, despite being on a potentially busy and/or narrow public road where there is little room to maneuver and there are other people around who could also be killed or injured by our errors!

  • We are also firmly in a position to disprove the many myths and fallacies that circulate about "the best way to drive"! See our "Driving Myths and Mistakes" web page, and also our own published research papers.

Specific training for maximum highway safety, if specified, & bad weather driving

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  • We have a range of courses to suit your needs (from one-hour work-group sessions for all drivers, through to specialist management seminars; half-day re-assessment drives through to ten-day driver training courses and advanced grading; law enforcement driving courses; military driver-safety training courses; and train-the-trainers).  We carefully tailor our services to suit clients' specific challenges or needs.

  • Our instructors are experts usually with a highly appropriate professional background, too but importantly they are emphatically not just people who have been taught a few very basic principles of safe driving and have then been let loose on an unsuspecting public!

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