Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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In addition to many presentations at conferences, seminars, meetings and training sessions on three continents, ADA president and chief instructor Eddie Wren has written or co-authored the following:


Taking a Risk Led Approach to Occupational Driver Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Improvement: Good Practice Cases from Around the World; Murray, W; Dubens, E; Wren, E. Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference; Saskatoon, Canada; June 2009. http://www.carsp.ca/documents/752

Standards in Driver Training; Wren, E; International Conference on Road Safety at Work, Washington DC; February 2009; [event organized/sponsored by NIOSH, NSC & WHO].  http://slidesha.re/dbMINQ

[Wren was the only invited/selected speaker worldwide on the subject of behind-the-wheel driver training].

State Drivers’ Manuals Can Kill Your Kids! Wren, E; Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, Detroit; April 2007. http://www.sae.org/technical/papers/2007-01-0445
[Wren received an “SAE Excellence in Oral Presentation Award” for this paper.]



Wren's exceptional road safety résumé including a list of other events at which he has spoken can be viewed here.





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