Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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As you no doubt realize, most people believe that they are good drivers, even though that is very rarely the case when it comes to the genuine maximization of safety.  Indeed if “most people” were actually correct about how good they are as drivers, the question must be:  In that case, why do around one hundred people get killed and around six thousand Americans get injured, on average, every single day of the year on U.S. roads?


Unfortunately, in an unregulated profession such as defensive- or even advanced driver training, many so-called driver trainers tend to teach what they, as individuals, simply believe to be the best techniques, and commonly this is not only inaccurate but also potentially dangerous.  So this is the first and one of the most important benefits of using Advanced Drivers of America [ADA], because we guarantee that everything we teach has been researched to ensure that it represents global “best knowledge” or “best practice” and is also based on the most time-proven, in-depth and safest system of driving in the world – namely “The System of Car Control”, as developed over an astonishing 75-year period by the traffic patrol police in Britain, and also adapted for civilian and fleet drivers since 1955.  No other driver training body in North America can make anything close to these claims.

Uniquely, therefore, training from ADA will provide your people with all of the following benefits:

·     Major emphasis on driver attitude proven to be by far the single most-important factor in driver safety;

·     Training wherever you need it – anywhere in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, etc;

·     The highest level of general highway safety knowledge in North America;

·     Similarly, the highest levels of instructor-training and driver safety-skills knowledge;

·     The only N. American driver training based on “The System of Car Control” (see above);

·     Training on real roads, not on closed circuits or empty parking lots where it is clearly impossible to learn how to deal with real-life dangers among traffic and pedestrians, etc;

·     No “skid recovery” or “evasive swerving” techniques. These increase, not decrease risk!

·     Significant reductions in crashes at all levels of severity, from damage-only incidents through to the possibility of lethal collisions;

·     Significant protection of your people, in terms of injuries or even deaths;

·     Resultant and significant financial savings which stem from reduced vehicular damage, reduced injuries to your personnel and the knock-on costs of such, reduced claims from third parties against your insurance or self-insurance, and reduced chance of litigation against your corporation and the bad publicity that can stem from such events;

·     Similarly, there are reduced running costs for your fleet, not only through smoother driving, which is a specific component of safer driving, but also from Eco Driving, however it is important to note that ADA also teaches drivers when not to use Eco Driving, because there are occasions when doing so can compromise the number one priority: maximum safety!


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