Even on dull days, the shadows cast by a highway over-bridge is an excellent marker with which to check that your following distance is adequate.

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America's Rural Roads are More Dangerous than Urban Roads

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Your odds of dying in a motor vehicle crash vary dramatically because of one simple thing: where you live.
The safest places to drive in the USA are Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts. Among the most dangerous: Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana and Mississippi. Those conclusions are based on federal data of traffic fatalities per 100,000 population and per 100 million miles driven.
The primary reason for the difference: Urban roads are safer than rural roads.... More



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Our Mission


ADA is the only training organization in North America to teach the "System of Car Control" approach to driver safety.  This is the longest-established, most in-depth and by far the most-proven safe driving methodology in the world.  Our unique goal, at ADA, is to ensure that you receive not only the very highest level of driver training available but also the necessary, comprehensive and accurate, research-based information and global-best-practices (which regrettably, in the field of defensive and advanced driver training are remarkably lacking).

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Whatever the occasion, get your loved ones a gift that truly could help them along the road to a long, safe and healthy life. Give them the choice of a challenging and enjoyable defensive or advanced driving course from Advanced Drivers of America [ADA].


At ADA, we are now expanding our services to provide public courses for individuals in many states and cities around the USA.  You are guaranteed a highly-trained, full time, advanced instructor and, subject to a minimum of just four trainees in any city in the contiguous 48 states (eight in AK or HI), we will even come to the city that you choose!  See the important reasons why you should choose ADA to be the provider of your driver safety training, and then see our growing list of destinations.  Contact us for more details, here.




If you are just looking for some simple guidelines, check out our Safe Driving Tips and the more specialized pages that are linked to them.


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Would you like to do some driver training on the famous Route 1 in

California? Or another state? Or the Rockies or the Adirondacks, perhaps?  ADA instructors run both corporate and individual courses all around the USA.  Click here for future "individual course" venues.

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